Eva de Vil – You Don’t Have to Deny Yourself

You don’t have to jerk off to me… But it’s okay if you do. You’re only human after all. You have needs.

You don’t have to goon for me every day… But it’s normal to have such a high sex drive.

You don’t have to obey me… But you just like being my good boy.

You don’t have to obsess over me… But it’s impossible to resist the thoughts of me that consume you.

You don’t have to deny yourself… But you know you’re going to. You could blow a huge load at the end of my countdown…But you’re going to resist every impulse that tells you to explode because I want you to, and you feel irresistibly compelled to please me.

NOTE: There are two versions of this sensual, “nurturing” mind fuck. The first 8m30s are the same, followed by the alternate ending.

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Duration :00:12:31

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