Eva de Vil – Shrink It In Chastity

You’re well below acceptable dick freedom length. Why should your clitty be free to get hard and be pleasured when it could never bring pleasure to anyone else?

It certainly doesn’t please me to know that it’s currently unrestrained, let alone to see it protruding unimpressively from your body.

I want your nub locked in chastity. I want it in increasingly smaller cages, shrinking it until one day, you look down and there’s virtually nothing there. As though it’s been banished from your body for being too pathetic.

When it tries and fails to get hard in its micro cage, it will learn that this is its new maximum size.

It’s much better this way. Soon, your shrimp will be nonexistent and you’ll know that that’s the only way it can ever bring a smile to my face.

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