Eva de Vil – Born To Be Bullied

I’ve cornered you. You’re all alone with nobody to protect you. I could easily catch up with you and tackle you to the ground if you try to run.

I caught you looking at me this morning. I distinctly remember saying that I’d beat you up if I ever saw you gawping in my direction.

I’m gonna kick you so hard in the nuts that you drop straight to your knees. A barrage of strong kick to the balls ought to set you straight as I get crueller and crueller.

I’m so perfect in every way and you’re just a helpless loser. No one will ever believe that I, a real life angel, did this to you.

Uploader’s description. This is not a JOI although you may like it anyways, her speech is harsh and a bit humiliating. A CBT fantasy video.

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