Ella Kross – Three Mistresses, One Slave

Peter, Peter, our little pickle eater! In this video I’m joined by two of my dominatrix friends and we’re all sporting huge strap-ons! Peter, our abiding slave, is locked up his cage like an . With a leather mask on and a chain around his neck like a , we make him get on his knees and insult his tiny little cock which we jokingly refer to as a “pickle.” I watch as my friends attach clothes pins to his tongue, demand that he recite the alphabet backwards, and laugh as he futilely attempts to speak. “I think our cocks are much bigger than yours. Do you have cock envy? You should have,” they tease. When the slave fails to speak properly with the clothes pins attached to his tongue, they punish him by him to lick their huge, fake cocks! It quickly becomes my turn and I one-up my friends by the slave to suck my strap-on and take it deep in his throat. After we’re done taking turns having him choke on our plastic cocks we remove him from his cage to have some real fun with him. We make him stand up and attach the clothes pins to his cock as we spit in his mouth and repeatedly slap his face. We laugh at his tiny dick as we attach even more clothes pins to it and him by twisting his nipples and smacking his balls. We him to his knees and one of my friends shoots a load of fake cum all over his masked face. When we’re done with him he’s covered with our spit and fake cum and his cock, balls, face, and nipples are on fire!

Video includes:CFNM, humiliation, CBT, face slapping, strap-on, cum in the mouth, nipple , SPH, strap-on sucking, Miss Kitty Bliss , Goddess Cleo

File Size :647 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:10:51

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