Eliza Jane and Corbin Dallas

Eliza Jane is a sweet, petite blonde on the outside, but she’s a sadistic, devious seductress on the inside. Corbin Dallas arrives for his weekly appointment, and she runs him through the ringer. She starts by suspending him over the bed, teasing his cock in chastity, and gagging him with a ball gag. She then proceeds to abuse him with clothespins and a crop, swatting the clothespins off of him in striking, stinging succession. She humiliates him by feeding him her beautiful feet. Then takes the gag off and shoves his face in her ass to make her cum. While he’s still in chastity she puts on a monstrous strap-on and rams the massive fucker into his tight hole doggystyle. Corbin takes the beastly thing as Eliza slams him deep and hard, deriving enormous pleasure from his pain. She then turns him over and pegs him while he lies on his back, which is followed by an intense session of fisting, in the same position. She then proceeds to reward him for being good by letting him cum by first letting him have her pussy, and then giving him a blowjob.

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