Elis Euryale – Punching balls bag in training

Time to use a new punching bag. Elis Euryale’s sub is suspended in the dungeon horizontally, unable to move, his precious parts hanging pathetically.
Elis has had different trainings in martial arts and fighting sports, and it’s time for her to share this pleasurable activity with her sub, by using his balls as a punching bag – or more precisely the equivalent of a speed bag.
She first throws a few punches, then gets quickly driven by her sadistic impulses… and starts punching constantly, harder and faster. The training becomes intense and she tries different punches: jabs, hooks, uppercuts… No break, non stop, fully focused, like a good work out should be done. He whines and cries as the pain gets extreme, but this has no effect on the training, as it only increases the cruel arousal of Elis.

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