Electra Rayne – Electra Surprises Dillon With Ny Toy Collective

GenderFlux will pique your interest regardless of your sexual orientation. This is a gender-inclusive site with something for everyone, featuring some of the hottest queer and trans performers. There will be a lot of lesbian scenes with strapons, solo masturbation, and other things. Get access to the GenderFlux video library featuring top flux performers like Brynn Michaels, Leigh Raven, Trip Richard and the one and only Nikki Hearts, the brains behind the GenderFlux.com community.
What exactly is Gender Flux? Some people use the term “genderflux” to refer to gender-fluid people in general. Genderflux people experience a range of intensity within their gender identity. A boyflux person, for example, may identify as fully masculine, partially masculine (demiboy), slightly masculine (libramasculine), or fully agender. Boyflux, girlflux, bigenderflux, fluidflux, agenderflux, neutroisflux, and nonbinaryflux are some of the terms used by the genderflux community to describe flux. A girlflux person, for example, may experience varying degrees of intensity of female identity, whereas an agenderflux person may experience varying degrees of feeling any gender at all.
Genderflux is a change in gender identity that occurs over time. Depending on the person, this can be done gradually, quickly, or at any speed in between. It is usually consistent, but not always. Genderflux falls under the category of multigender. Genderflux falls under the non-binary category. Genderflux is also related to genderfluid, which has similar characteristics but behaves differently.

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