Dr Wolfe’s Queer Clinic With Tenerduende – Worship The Wolfe

Desc: Dr Wolfe is one of the most reputable queer doctors around; known most prominently for Her ability to see Her patients’ true identity upon their initial check-up with Her, and treating each individual with a therapy designed specifically to meet their needs as a queer individual.

Today, tenerDuende is very excited for their first appointment with Dr Wolfe. As Dr Wolfe greets tener, She immediately notices that their presentation seems significantly more “masculine” than they truly feel on the inside, and orders tener to remove their clothing for further examination. Dr Wolfe surveys tener’s soft, feminine body, and points out the uselessness of the appendage between their legs–all validating tener’s previous thoughts about them-self. After Dr Wolfe’s initial assessment, She sends tener to retrieve a chastity cage from one of the nurses and lock up the cock and balls that they, from now on, will not acknowledge.

Once tener comes back locked in chastity, Dr Wolfe explains to tener that they will now be presenting as the sissy girl that they truly are inside, and must therefore begin wearing makeup. Dr Wolfe applies eyeliner and lipgloss and then sends tener to get dressed in a sexy little bra.

tener comes back obviously feeling more like them-self than ever before!

Now it’s time for Dr Wolfe to continue the physical exam by moving onto the rectal exam. As Dr Wolfe orders tener to get onto their knees and bend forward for the exam, it’s obvious that this is a natural position for them… and as Dr Wolfe performs the rectal exam, it’s obvious that Her fingers were not the first objects to be inserted into that hole… it actually feels quite slutty. tener admits to fucking them-self with dildos, but says they have never been pegged before… so Dr Wolfe will be the first to begin training that little slut hole.

As Dr Wolfe fucks her newest patient, She is quite impressed with Her sissy’s ability to so quickly take such a big cock… it looks like Dr Wolfe has already found this sissy’s calling! After their first session with Dr Wolfe, they will be quitting their old vanilla job that required them to present as the man they are not, and assume their new life as the sissy slut they were always meant to be!


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