Domina Ruby — I’m Still Too busy To Clean My Ass

Domina Ruby — I’m Still Too busy To Clean My Ass

«I’m just so busy! I have a two o’clock, a three o’clock, and a four o’clock appointment», Princess Lily laments. «I just have so many guys coming over to fuck me.» As the camera pulls back, you see that she’s sitting on the toilet. «I have so many slaves to watch over, to make sure they do things properly. Sometimes they fuck up and I have to make them do it again. It’s not easy being a Goddess.». She’s clearly exasperated and sighs, «I’m just too busy to clean my own ass.». The camera pulls back and you see a slave lying on the floor underneath her feet. She always makes sure she has a slave in that position when sitting on the toilet, so they can enjoy the smell of her movements and be close by for cleanup duty. «Why should I clean my own ass» she asks «when I have losers like this to do it for me?». In line with her need to do multiple tasks at once, she reaches onto the counter, grabs a piece of chocolate, and starts to eat it. Next, she picks up a container of chocolate syrup and pours it onto her slave’s face. She says to him, «That’s not the type of chocolate you want though, is it?». «No», he replies, with some trepidation. «The real chocolate you like comes out of my ass, doesn’t it?». «Yes, Princess» is the reply, and with that, she moves over and sits on his face. She rubs her ass all over it and tells him to get all that chocolate into his sorry, slave-mouth. When she finally gets up, his face and her ass are completely covered in chocolate. She kneels on the toilet and tells him to get off the floor and get to work. «Lick it all up; that’s the kind of chocolate you can’t buy in stores», she tells him. She instructs him to spread her ass cheeks, which are totally brown, and says, «Lick it up good; I’m still just too busy to clean my own ass.». For the next two minutes, you get some great close-up shots of the slave licking her dirty ass clean. «There’s nothing better than a hungry slave», she purrs. She then tells him to press his lips onto her asshole, because she feels something is about to happen. Her facial expressions and moaning at the end will drive toilet slaves crazy,

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