Domina Planet – Toilet Slave Birthday Cake

Domina Planet – Toilet Slave Birthday Cake

19 Year-Old Mistress Leda Lotharia and Princess Jane Rogers have been training Leda’s former boyfriend to be a completely broken, subservient sub-human slave, with no limits on what they will do to the pathetic wimp. Mistress Leda has decided to take him all the way to the proverbial bottom of the slave ladder, and turn him into a full toilet slave, requiring him to regularly ingest Her bodily waste.
As a result of this recent and extreme decision, She has decided to announce it to the slave at the most cruel and sadistic of times – on his birthday! She has a cake waiting for him, but has decided that it’s more appropriate for a toilet to eat from Her ass, even though he’s not trained yet. Since She can hardly shove a cake up Her ass, She has decided that he can at least get a taste of what’s to come. So she has filled a syringe with pink frosting. As the two young sadists enter the room, they approach the slave, who is helplessly chained down to an ottoman, on his back. He has a blinding hood on, to make sure that he gets a surprise for his birthday. Mistress. Leda looks red-hot in a black PVC cut-away dress and a black military hat while Princess Jane’s perfect body fills out a Teddy, thigh straps and fishnet stockings.
“We have a birthday cake baking for you in the oven, slave. But we wanted you to get a taste of the special frosting that We made, just for you!”
Mistress Leda straddles the slave, Her gorgeous round ass in his face. She reaches around and jams in the syringe of pink frosting, while Princess Jane rushes over and assists, grabbing the syringe and firmly pushes the plunger, injecting the pink frosting deep inside Her kinky friend’s asshole. When She’s satisfied that the contents are inside Leda’s bowels, She pulls the syringe out. He asks what kind of cake and what flavor frosting they made for him. But They tell the slave:
“We knew you’d be curious, so We have a sample that We brought, just for you. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue, slave”
He does, excitedly expecting some new confection. But Princess Jane spreads Mistress Leda’s generous ass cheeks and anus, causing some frosting to start oozing out of Her puckered anus. She lowers Her asshole to his tongue. At first, he is excited, recognizing the sweetness of the frosting. But once he swallows some, he tastes the “extra” ingredient causing the pink frosting to turn kind of orange. He starts gagging and retching at the taste, but they start laughing hysterically as Leda slams Her ass fully down onto the mouth and face of the slave, while Princess Jane tells him:
“That’s right slave, you’re going to become a full toilet slave soon, so We might as well get you an ‘appetizer’ of the flavor you will have to grow to love. Get used to eating EVERYTHING out of Her dirty asshole. Now LICK IT ALL OUT, TOILET SLAVE! If you waste a single drop of your gourmet frosting, I’m gonna stomp on your fucking balls”
She pushes his head in until the flow seems to dissipate, but as soon as Leda lifts Her frosting stained ass off of his mouth, She puts the syringe back into Leda’s asscrack and injects more of the sugary treat into Her bowels:
“Open your mouth, toilet slave, WIDE, and stick out your toilet paper tongue!”
He does, as a flood of runny, dis-colored pink frosting comes flooding out of Her asshole and deposited on his tongue and down his throat. Princess Jane pushes the back of his head firmly into Leda’s open ass, ensuring that his mouth stays sealed to the anus pumping the soiled frosting into his unenthusiastic mouth.
“Swallow it and thank Her for being kind enough to make something so special for You!”
After he has swallowed several mouthfuls, Princess Jane spreads Leda’s ass open, and, spotting some more frosting. Grasps Her ass cheeks wide open, screaming at him:
“Isn’t it delicious, toilet? Get your fucking tongue up inside Her colon and SUCK it ALL OUT. Just keep SUCKING and SUCKiNG and SUCKING, asshole slut. Suck the asshole, suck it!. Tell me you want a s**t-cake next year! SAY YOU WANT A S**TCAKE”
Finally, they seem done and are talking to the slave, telling him it’s almost time for his birthday spankings, which he is dreading. But first, they have him sing happy birthday to himself. He starts singing, but Leda has one last treat for him. She suddenly gets up and puts Her round ass back into his face and farts directly into his nose. She sits back down onto his face to make him to smell it as he cries in disgust.
They then have him hold his legs up and spank him over and over, thanking them each time. But they can’t remember how old the slave is to give him the right number of spankings.
“Let’s just assume he’s 100!”
And they start flailing away as the slave screams in horror and pain the clip fades out.

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