Domina Planet – Dirty Ass Cleaner

Mean Teen Queen Violet Viper and Her friend, Mistress Foxy, have a session with Her slave in order to show Her friend how to use a slave to do all the…dirty work, like cleaning Her ass after She’s used it, or during Her time of the month, or after walking barefoot all day and She wants to put on some heels…those sorts of things. The two are decked out in black PVC dresses.
They’ve got the wimp in sensory deprivation and pathetically splayed out with hands above his head and laying on his back. They’re sitting on the couch discussing what they’re going to do with the slave. Violet says:
“A slave is simply a utility-not a man, not a woman or person but a thing that can be whatever You want it to be. Right now, the hot water heater is out and We have that hot double date in an hour-well, I took a nasty dump an hour ago and I know You’re having some -odor issues – whoila! The slave can be a bidet for us, but one that can make You cum too!”
Mistress Foxy gets excited by this and can’t wait. She jumps up and walks over to the prone and splayed slave and promptly sits Her panty-covered ass and pussy directly onto his upturned face:
“Ok bitch, you’re gonna make me feel good. Start by licking me through my panties- GO!”
He starts lapping away at Her damp, panty-covered crotch while She starts flogging his vulnerable body. She counts out 20 strokes of the flogger, the slave’s body jumping in pain, but all he can do is scream into Her panties while he tries to lick through them to get to the fragrant treasures hidden beneath. In the meantime, Violet rests Her feet on his outstretched hands to pin him and ensure there is no escape. She starts flogging his legs as well, just for good measure, while the slave screams in agony, rolling around to try and escape the searing lashes.
Then Mistress Foxy invites Violet to take Her turn. She stands up and starts pulling Her black PVC skirt up Her loooong, legs, they both place a foot triumphantly on the slave’s prone body. Violet explains to Her fellow Domme:
“It’s perfectly acceptable to have a slave clean Your dirty ass-which is what I’m going to do. It’s why I’m not wearing any panties. I had a little trip to the bathroom before We came down to the dungeon, so his treat will be nice and fresh!”
She stands above the slave’s face and tells him:
“I want you to BEG to clean my dirty asshole, slave! Beg to lick the sh_t from my ass!”
She flogs him over and over, until he starts begging to do just that. Hiking up Her skirt, She squats down over the slave’s face, Her bare asshole about 6 inches from his nose. She starts fanning Her asshole with Her hand and commands him:
“Breathe it in slave! Smell it. Get My smell deep in your lungs. Now kiss it….again…now taste it. What does it taste like, slave?”
When he says it tastes like sh_t, they become enraged and both start tattooing him with their floggers, screeching:
Then Mistresss Foxy gets in front of Violet and reaches around both sides of Her with Her hands. Grabbing both luscious ass cheeks in each hand, She pries Her friends ass WIDE apart, revealing Her filthy dark anus to the slave, who gags at the smell. She orders him to put his tongue inside the smeary hole. He tentatively sticks out his tongue and pointing it, pushes it into the sticky hole to much approval from Mistress Foxy.
“Now swallow, and repeat slave. Clean Her asshole till it’s sparkling and smells fresh as a daisy”
He swallows and gags but manages to hold it down, and pushes his tongue back into the hole, tongue fucking Her anus. Mistress Foxy continues coaching and then pushes Her asscheeks together tightly and Violet leans way back, putting Her hands on the slave’s bound arms and sealing his face under Her ass and his tongue deep inside the recently-used rectum of his owner, compelled to taste Her divine caviar.
She starts to smother the slave, flogging his upturned and defenseless body, excoriating him:
“Get that tongue DEEPER, slave! Pretend like you’re on an Easter egg hunt – but this time it’s chocolate Easter eggs you’re looking for!”
She starts to ass face-fuck the slave, bouncing on his pathetic face and intermittently sealing his face off completely with Her ass, while his tongue is buried in Her sphincter, busily licking, sucking and swallowing like a good human bidet should. Finally She seems satisfied that Her ass is clean and has Mistress Foxy get on the slave’s face again. She has him lick Her ass through Her panties again, but this time while all of Her weight is on his face and his airways are cut off. Violet meanwhile sits on his chest and flogs his body. The slave is twitching and then suddenly is still. The two sadists sense this, and disappointedly realize the slave has blacked out. Tossing the floggers down, they decide to get a drink and come back in an hour when the slave has regained consciousness, for round 2.

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