I’m Officer Megan, collar number 695169. I was on patrol last Saturday when I got a 10-15. I was the closest so I got the call. For those of you not familiar with our code, it’s a domestic disturbance call. It was the landlord who called us. I asked him to open the door and searched the premises. A man locked himself up in his bathroom. I made him to open the door. When he opened it, he looked suspicious to me, I checked if he had any tools of torment, he said no. I am not allowed to touch his jewels to check for anything hidden but something seems to be bigger than the usual down there. He said that it was his penis. By precaution, I asked him to pull his pants down. After verification, it was indeed his cock, a nice tools of torment if you want my opinion. The man seems to be agitated. Since it was my last shift of the day, I wanted to make sure not to get another call, told him that I’m going to suck his cock if he promise to stay quiet. I don’t recall a reply back, I didn’t give him a choice actually. I sucked his cock until I made him shoot on my tongue with my mouth wide open. I needed to make sure not to leave any evidence behind, so I swallowed everything in front of him. Then I left reminding him that I do not want to come back tonight to keep quiet.

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