Divine Guru Alexa – Edging cumblast masterpiece

laying on the bed all alone, you could use some company. I get close to you, my big tits getting so close to your face, and remove the towel wrapped around your waist, I want to see that cock. I sit in between your legs, swinging my hips I slowly touch your cock, stroking with my finger tips up and down, back and forth. I want it wet for me so I pour lotion on it and begin stroking it. Within seconds its so hard for me, I know how badly you want me so I just tease you and stroke slower griping your cock tighter like if was my tight little pussy, and jerk it back and forth. After a few minutes your body is starting to shake and I can tell you already want to cum but youre going to hold off, and feel what my hands are doing even longer. Your cock is so hard and fat now I start using both of my hands on it, jerking it faster and faster getting you so close once again to cumming, and then stop- smirking at you with a cute smile and then stroking it tight and slow, back and forth playing with the head then back down to your balls.. Stroking it slowly, then a little faster, a little faster and its so hard in my hands you just cant hold back anymore your cock shoots out a big cumshot up and all over my hands

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