Desiree Audri – Little Sister Manhandles Big Brother And His Man Meat

Desiree and Nicky are new step-siblings – their parents just got married two days ago – and they are getting accustomed to living together. Desiree is in her room, feeling horny, and getting ready to masturbate with her vibrator while watching some porn, when her step-brother comes in. Nicky is shocked and tries to leave, but Desiree reminds him that he is only her STEP-brother and that Nicky should join her for some fun. Nicky is having none of it, and tries to escape the room, but Desiree picks him up and throws him on the bed. She cradle carries Nicky, throws him over her shoulder, and fireman carries him, until he eventually gives up trying to escape. Desiree cradles him in her lap as she begins to stroke his rock-hard cock, taking off her sports bra and licking Nicky’s face and mouth. Nicky tries to run out of the room again, and again Desiree lifts him and carries him back to lay on the bed. She sits on top of Nicky and removes her yoga shorts so she can finger her pussy. He is so close to cumming – to his horror- and Desiree strokes his cock faster and faster until Nicky explodes with huge spurts of cum in Desiree’s hair and on his torso. Desiree picks Nicky up and carries him out of the room after they both cum to assert her power over him.

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