Decadent Secrets!

One never knows what lies behind closed doors, inside grand hotels with their historic influence of wealth, opulence and extravagance! From the old cobble streets to boutiques, within the hustle and bustle of old fashioned bars, pubs and restaurants! Mmm what decadent secrets remain hidden? Oh my, how one gentleman’s journey is about to unfold! The sound of my stiletto boots echo, the relentless hum of heavy traffic fades, and the smooth instrumental jazz filters through. My heels quicken with pace as I ascend the steps to a most charming quintessential hotel, built in 1892. Entering the bar with original oak panelling, velvet seats, one may see with ease how history pervades in all the rooms.

A gentleman adorned in a pinstripe suit, cuff-links and tie sits quietly alone at the far end of the bar. At the entrance a group of men sit chattering to their heart’s content. Glasses clink, soft music plays, and the faint crackling from the log fire can be felt, providing a welcoming ambiance. As I enter, the bar falls silent, not a word can be heard, just the signature staccato from my heels reverberate along the polished oak floor, until I’m face to face with my discerning gentleman. Oh my such greetings painted quite the picture as his mouth opened in awe of my presence. Two drinks remained on the bar untouched, just as I had ordered. We moved to a more discrete part of the bar, so that we could enjoy each other’s company in comfort.

Having enjoyed a few glasses of Tia Maria, we retired to a most lavishly decorated bedroom, with an antique carved four poster bed, oak beamed ceilings, Portland stone fireplace, candelabras and rich furnishings. Our gentleman’s tryst turned into a most decadent evening of wickedly debauched foreplay, while I bound his wrists and ankles to the bed posts!

This will be one of the most memorable meetings I’ve had, and I know it will be for him too!

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