Daria Glower, Simone Style – Photo Shoot

Simone has come for a shoot with photographer Daria. As she gets undressed ready for the shoot, Dave spies on her from the doorway and starts playing with his cock while he watches her. Daria arrives and catches him spying on her model so she grabs him by the ear and pushes him inside. Simone is furious that he has been spying on her and says she feels violated. Daria then suggests that they violate him as a punishment. The young boy doesn’t know what they mean but watches in horror as they both put on a strap-on and then push him into the sofa. Daria gets him onto all fours and then slides her strap-on up his ass while Simone forces her strap-on into his mouth. The girls fuck him like this for several minutes before turning him over so Simone can have her turn fucking his asshole. As the beautiful Simone fucks him, Daria sits on his face and leans forward to stroke is cock which soon erupts all over his stomach.

File Size :336 MB
Resolution :820 x 460 MPEG-4
Duration :00:15:02

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