Danni Harwood – Lick the Cum Off Me

Danni Harwood – Lick the Cum Off Me

I knew you would be back. I have a treat for you today. I have lots of cum for you today! I know you always talk about how hard it is to drink your own cum. I have a nice load here from my hot boyfriend. Well one of them. So I know it’s such a big step. Now I have some more tricks up my sleeve. I am going to get you so hard and horny for me. Think about tasting all that cum and licking it all up. You might be scared but after this you will love it! I want to turn you into a cum eating slut. That’s it be a good loser for me. You are such a loser but I know you want to please me, don’t you? Good, Now get over here and lick it all off me like a good boy! Come on, get over here loser boy. Be happy you get to get this close to me my little loser!

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