Danielle Maye ‘Nappy Boy

Danielle Maye ‘Nappy Boy

You play my step-mom who’s out shopping and in a store and I’ve had an accident in my pants, you pretend to walk up to one of the shop assistants and ask her where they keep the nappies in the shop she helps you to the aisle and asks you want size your bby is you then look at me and say he his my bby, she then helps you to pick out the right size for me.

You then pretend to ask her where the changing facilitates are and you take me in front of all the other women and make me climb up and to the changing mat and proceed to change me (make this slow pretend to undo trousers, wipe, cream, powder) whilst humiliating for not being a big boy whilst keeping in sensual and pretend to talk to some of the woman in there saying that if i act like a bby your going to treat me like one

Once done you then pretend to walk me back around the shops with just my shirt and nappy on as my trouser are too wet, with all the embarrassment of people looking at me I tell you I need the toilet and you tell me its OK I’ve got a nappy on and just to go, which I do which you then mock me for and loudly announce that I need changing again.

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