Danielle Maye – Gas Station Gloryhole

Off to visit my Step-Parents with my boyfriend, and he is being such a dick. After a long drive Im relieved for a pit stop at the petrol station. I grab some chocolate and pop into the toilet quickly before we set back off. Just as Im about to pull up my trousers I notice a hole in the wall with a large cock poking through. I giggle to myself thinking it must be a joke, some sort of fake cock. But I reach out and grip it, realising that it is definitely not a fake cock! Fuck! But whose cock is it, certainly not my bfs that for sure. Looking at it and it looks so thick and smooth.. I find myself wanting it in my mouth. Falling to my knees I take it in my mouth as deep as I can mmmm so thick and hard, tickling the back of my throat. Feeling like a naughty slut I get my tits out and caress them whilst I dribble and gag on this mystery cock. I suck hard and fast wanting to give this mystery cock the best blowjob its ever had. Its not long and I can feel it pulse, knowing whats coming I slide the cock as far back down my throat and feel cum shoot straight down my throat.I swallow every drop, hurriedly get dressed. And walk back to the car with the biggest smile on my face. what took you so long babe oh there was a HUGE que 😉

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