Daniela – the touch of only one fingertip (PART B)

…your erection rises to meet her fingertip… she looks you straight in the eye as her smooth finger circles around and around on the ultra-sensitive backside of your cockhead… her touch is so very light on your cock-skin yet the sensations of her purposeful finger action and her deep look into your eyes are more than enough to make your cock-skin as tight as drum… her fingertip motion seems to make your semen flow out of your balls and begin to rise through your long shaft… it’s a long trip for your sperm to make but her slow pace of caressing will give it plenty of time to complete its travel… you yearn to lubricate her velvety fingertip with pre-cum…but how long will it take?… how long can your cockhead stand to be at the beckon of Daniela’s finger?

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