Dame Olga – Findom – If You Don’t Have Enough Money Then I’ll Ruin Your Orgasm

Today is balls emptying day for my hubby. It’s been a while since we last fucked as I’ve got alpha lovers which please me in every possible way. So, I eventually keep him locked in his chastity device. But for an incoming date, I need money to buy lingerie, shoes and such so it’s time to rinse my walking wallet.
I know my beta hubby is so weak when it comes to financial domination. In my black stockings and patent pumps, I unlock his cock after a few days in chastity and I demand him to give me money, so I give me a handjob. And as I feel pleasure growing, I ask for more and more and more, one banknote after the other.
And if he doesn’t have enough money, then I’m afraid I’ll have to ruin his orgasm again… What do you think will happen? After we reach 500 euros, I ask for 1,000 euros to have a proper orgasm. Spoilers: there’s no happy ending if I don’t get what I demanded! And too bad for him, I don’t give back change!

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