I have a magic touch. And having my hand around your cock will have you explode in no time. ————- Therapist Sydney is winding down after a long day of seminars in Chicago. Since you are also in town, and desperately in need of a session, you decide to give her a call. As a long time client you feel like you should be able to get in a session when you need one. Sydney demands triple the rate and you can’t say no. After an hour, you show up at Sydney’s hotel to start your session. Sydney tells you to get completely naked and get on the bed. Your erection and ejaculation issues don’t seem to surface when Sydney takes care of your dick. What a peculiar condition you’re in. Sydney skillfully takes care of your dick. Is it her soothing voice? Her wonderful stroke technique? The chemistry the two of you have built up over the years of treatment? Who knows. All you know is that you will be blowing your load once more for your therapist

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