Cory Chase in Punishing My Son

Scene One: Smart ass son

“Mom, why the fuck are you dressed like that?” Cory’s son asks. Cory is going to be having a friend over and the last thing she needs is her lazy ass son to be on the couch when he gets there. When her son gives her lip she decides to use her strap on sooner than expected.

She grabs her useless son and pins him against the wall. “You like that?” She asks, pulling down his pants and playing with his dick. He begs her to stop, but she slides her cock into his ass and fucks him. “I promise I will do my fucking chores” he begs her. Cory teaches him not to fuck with her or she will fuck him back.

Scene Two: Obedient son

“You’re going to be a good boy for me?” Cory asks as she fucks her son on the couch. Gone is the bratty lazy son, replaced by her obedient little fuck doll. She jerks his cock and gives him a ride he will never forget.

He can’t do anything to stop her as Cory takes what she wants from him. She milks every last drop of cum from him while her big dick thrusts inside his smart ass. Pathetically he shoots his load all over himself and she gives him a few fucks to remember her by. “Now go do those chores” She yells. “Yes mommy” He says on the edge of crying.

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