Chronicles of Mlle Fanchette – Branlette speciale III

It is time for butler Boris to be milked inside Mlle Fanchettes high heel pump again. The butler patiently waits stroking his cock naked and takes initiative to approach his Mistress when ready and hard. Mlle is all dressed up with a mini skirt, black top, black stockings and black high heel pumps. She teases her butlers cock with mercy, alternating soft caresses and gentle slaps before taking off her shoe. She uses it on his cock stroking him with the heel, then fully masturbating him whith his cock inside her pump rubbing against the insole. The butler gets more and more aroused and Mlle is ready to extract his semen. She strokes his pumping cock up until he unleashes his fresh warm cum inside her shoe. The only thing left now is for her to wear it, full of her butlers offering…
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Resolution :3840 x 2160 MPEG-4
Duration :00:09:57

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