CEI – You Still Can’t Help Yourself

CEI – You Still Can’t Help Yourself

Once you see what I’ve got in store for you, you are guaranteed to jizz in your mouth in no time. It’s out of your control. You just can’t help yourself. When you start to stroke to the beat of my metronome, your hand will move exactly in time to the beat. My sexy voice coaxes your balls to produce thick ropes of jizz, all for me. I love teasing you with my body, showing you what you’re going to look like when you cum in your mouth.

As I adjust the speed, slowly gaining momentum, you realise that you’re going to cum in your mouth. It’s only a matter of time. You love to be commanded to stroke, and you crave submitting to me. The beat will push on ever faster and you won’t be able to stop that explosion into your open, waiting mouth.

Cum directly into your mouth as I tease you into submission.

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