Carmen Rivera – Happy Bitch Day p1

When it’s Bitches Birthday then her Baronesse is not far. After a small “communal Drink” with the noblest Champagne from the Mistress to celebrate the always horny bitch Lucia’s Birthday, who is usually absent-minded does everything wrong and falls into disgrace. Deeper and deeper penetrates the Dildo up to her Brain and fucks the last bit of Sense out of her. She’s allowed to present her Ass to her Baronesse to receive a Heel to ride until her poop chute burns. Her Ass gets stuffed with Birthday Cake because the Mistress dislikes her confectionery Work. The Birthday Party with a Dance on an Anal-Hook is her fate. Her Baronesse buckles up as usual her Strap-On and fucks the Slut merciless.
Happy Birthday, Bitch!

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