Cali Carter – Reveals her Edging Technique

In this instructional video, Cali Carter reveals her edging technique. Cali begins with a strip tease down to her shiny bikini. She wets the cock. Cali works slowly. She rides her victims knee while edging his cock with her thumb. Cali loves being in complete control. She bounces her ass on the victims face while milking its cock. Please Princess, it begs. Cali loves it when they beg. She knows it means she can get whatever she wants. Cali can feel the cock throbbing. The cock wants to cum, but Cali wont let it yet. Its going to cum on Calis terms, when she wants it to. The victim offers Cali more bikinis. How pathetic! See? Thats how its done. Cali milks the cock with just her thumb. She wets the cock again and makes tight circles around the head. Cali lets her bitch cum all over itself. Shell take those bikinis now

File Size :1006 MB
Resolution :1280 x 720 MPEG-4
Duration :00:18:59

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