Bound to have his orgasms ruined

I absolutely love this piece of bondage furniture: the way My slave is roped down to the table, arms and head secured in the attached pillory, and best of all – his sight of his Goddess is blocked. It puts Me in total control of his cock, and the only thing the slave can do is hear and feel Me tormenting My property. There will be no pleasure for him today, not even a slight chance of a full release. This cock deserves to be punished, and I get so much more aroused when it is painful for him. A few strong rubber condoms tied tightly around the base, and his cock and balls soon turn a beautiful hue of dark blue. Yet the slave is so aroused that he pumps and fucks the air, but is quickly reminded that more pain is just a squeeze of my hand or a scratch of my fingernail away. It’s impossible for him to resist My touch and soon a huge river of cum gushes out of the cock in a perfectly ruined orgasm. he doesn’t deserve pleasure, only pain and frustration.

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