BossyGirls – Marilyns.Dangle.and.Jerk

Marilyn’s Dangle & Jerk
I wore my sexy black pumps to work today….and one of my favorite things to do is….Dangle while I jerk! These shoes are perfect for it. Before I get going on my Dangle & Jerk, however….I get this moron over my knee for a good OTK Spanking!! I ALWAYS Spank before I Jerk!!! I discovered a new, really cool way to hurt a cock today too….I slam his hard cock repeatedly into the top of the Desk!!! You should hear the sound it makes!!! It’s a painful sounding “THUD”!! lol He was in a lot of pain while I slammed his cock into the Desk….which made it all the more fun for me!! Then I Dangled & jerked, until the Pig Rocket Blast of cum across my Office!!!


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