Blair Williams – Cruel Chastity Tease

Blair Williams – Cruel Chastity Tease

With her slave chained and locked in a steel chastity cage, Mistress Blair inflicts a cruel punishment upon her slave. She is going to use her sexy body and a vibrator to tease her slave to the brink but not allow him to cum. Blair makes her slave confess that he would love to have sex with her as she pulls back her latex to reveal her pussy, only to laugh at his pleas. She teases his locked up cock with her hands and tongue, then takes him by the balls to remind him that they belong to her now. Blair brings out her vibrator and begins teasing his caged cock with it while she makes him lick her pussy juices off of her fingers. Soon his purple cock and balls are bouncing up and down off of the vibrator head. Once she feels that he is completely overloaded, Blair removes the vibrator and uses her ass to smack his poor cock and balls around. She then leaves him alone to suffer the pains of sexual denial yet again. Such is the life of a slave to a beautiful Woman.


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