Blackmail-Fantasy Time Bomb

You love a good blackmail-fantasy. I just have to say the word, and you start jerking. You want me to hold some important information of yours and control you with it. Make you pay to keep it secret. Lucky for you, I have a fun game for us in store today. You’re going to go to a website that will send me an email in the future. This email will contain you name, your home address, your phone number, and one personal contact, plus whatever other information excites you. You’ll get to decide when that email goes out. A week from now. A month from now. 6 months. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you pick enough time to amass your buyout. Minimum buyout is $1,000. If I don’t have $1,000 or more from you by the time I get that email filled with your information, I’m going to reach out to the contact listed and tell them exactly how much of a pervert you are. How you put your information and money in the hands of dominant women on the internet. How you’re addicted to the feeling of being controlled. So go ahead, get that email going. I want to see your email and your buyout in my inbox ASAP.

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Duration :00:10:34

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