Black Friday Farting in Leggings

I return from my black friday shopping to find my useless boyfriend sleeping on the couch as usual. thats all he does is sleep. Sleep, and sniff my farts from my ass!! I walk up to him and wake him with a little surprise, letting him know I brought something special home with me, I order him to lean against the couch so I can give him his gift. I’ve been saving my gas up all day, all that shopping with all those people around. I just had to hold it. And what better way to relive myself than on his lazy face?! After I’m finished with this position I lay him on the bed, straddling forward on his face with his nose pressed right against my asshole and mouth sealed by my cheeks. Fart after fart I’ve been saving now all rest in his lungs, along with his stomach from occasionally makes him swallow them!! Hows that taste baby… You can just see the enjoyment on my face. It truly is fun watching him squirm under me>:) .. ——A great clip showing plenty of face and talk, and spandex farts dropped directly on his nose.

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