BFG – Maia Naomi – Foot Smelling HJ

After breaking up with Jason in the cruelest way possible, by dating his step sister, Maia has been feeling a little sorry for him. Maia and Naomi have decided to let him get off one more time, but on one provision, he cum whilst smelling their stinky pink soles. They have him laid out and inform him of this evil deed as they take off their shoes and socks and shove them in his face. The smell is vinegary and strong and he is repulsed. The two brats don’t care about how bad they smell as they rub their sweaty soles in his face. Maia starts to rub his cock through his boxers and Naomi keeps the stink factor at 10 gripping his nose with her toes. Maia pulls off his pants and starts stroking him. His dick struggles to get hard as the smell is so strong but the girls laugh at him knowing how humiliated he must feel having his face buried in stinky feet while Maia jerks him off. Finally he can’t control it anymore, he cums all over himself as the two brats laugh at him. he’ll never get laid again!

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