Begging to cum with Alexis Rain

Alexis Rain is wearing a fishnet body suit and a corset. Lance is naked and rock hard. She knows he’s dying to cum. She pushes him down on the sofa, lubes up his cock, and begins to play with it.

Alexis tease his cock with light and hard strokes. She gets him to the edge very fast, then stops and squeezes his balls. “Not yet,” she tells him. She wants him quivering on the edge for as long as possible. She also wants him to admit that he likes to get fucked in the ass, because that’s what she really wants…

She teases his cock, edging him over and over, but stopping to squeeze or slap his balls every time he’s about to release. After he starts to beg her to let him cum, and beg her to fuck him in the ass with her strap-on, she finally makes him explode his cum all over himself.

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