Becoming My Sissy Toilet

I have turned My pink poodle into a real sissy slut that craves My cock any time, in any of his holes. It’s a true testament to My training, how I took a shy straight boy and in just a few years turned him into a cock-hungry sissy whore. Now, that he is the perfect sissy slut for Me, it’s time for the next step: transforming him into a sissy toilet. I know he has said in the past that this is something he would never do, even though he loves Me so much, that’s why I will do this in small steps. In the end he will not eat only My waste, but all House of Sinn Ladies’ waste, he will be the House of Sinn toilet, because this is what I need. And he wants to make Me happy, doesn’t he? I’m going to use his love for cocks to make him love being a toilet, I’m going to fuck his sissy pussy while he’ll be looking down into the toilet, at the place where he’ll be tomorrow. I will make him love to eat My waste just as I made him love cock.

Ezada pegs her slave from behind (he has his head in a toilet seat chair thingy).


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