Ballbustin and Foot Lovin – CBT Nirvana part 2 of 2

In this follow up 2nd part video, Cerina and Raven take turns inserting needles directly into the Testicles! Once the girls remove the needles from the poor Testes, they are oozing red stuff and require bandages. Its at this point that Cerina instructs her pupil that since the cock & balls have endured, sounds, needles, punching, squeezing, biting and female scorn they now deserve a little love and affection… So the girls take turn giving a blow job and sucking on the balls! …and when the man package gives up its battered goo, it shoots all over Cerina mouth and down her throat! She then swallows the battered load, but is left with a very noticeable amount all over her face! She and Raven then kiss and suck on the cock exchanging saliva and cum between their tongues and the cock! Ahhh CBT Nirvana! In this clip: 2 GIRLS, BALL, BALL BITING, BALL LICKING, BALL PUNCHING, BALL SUCKING, CBT, CIM, COCK BITING, COCK SUCKING, CUM, CUM IN MOUTH, CUM PLAY, CUM SWALLOW, NEEDLE PLAY, NEEDLES IN BALLS, RAVEN RUPTURE, RED STUFF, TITS Starring: CERINA DUKE, RAVEN RUPTURE & Bryan Balldacious 720p MOBILE DEVICE

File Size :450 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:11:30

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