Ball Punching CBT Orgasm

I think CBT can improve almost any femdom bdsm scene with a male submissive, so it is time to add some to the mix for the second round of our robotic gangbang. The Real Touch is pulling a train today!

Since Master D’s submissive did so well at licking up all of my cameraman’s cum, it is now his turn to enjoy the roboslut. Both boys are tested talent so they get to enjoy sloppy seconds.

The great part about fucking machines is that they don’t get tired, as long as the electricity is running. I like setting it to a tease and denial program to keep him on edge for as long as possible.

This submissive is not going to have an easy time getting off once I start slapping his testicles, especially since they are already sore from a big video shoot yesterday! You can hear Master D giggling in the background as we torment her favorite target, those big, bustable balls! Eventually, she can’t resist getting out from behind the camera to add some even harder cock and ball torture, using ball busting PUNCHES to push her sub over the edge.

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