Ball Crushing Toejob

We have made a new, hot Full HD barefoot video with Mistress Alina from 3 close view camera angles. This time we shoot it from the slave’s POV, from a side-top view and from a very close view (closer than usually).

Alina has painted her toes in royal blue that show off her sexy toes. And Alina exactly knows how to use them to make her slave crazy. She plays with them with the top of his glans and with his balls.

This clip contains much of full weight cock and ball crush action. You won’t believe your eyes when ALINA STEPS WITH HER WHOLE 145 LBS / 66 KG ON HER SLAVE’S BALLS! How can they take that without popping?

In total the Mistress is standing for minutes on her slave’s rock hard dick and on his nuts. See how many BRUISES she causes. See how she squeezes out lots of slimy precum. Alina is so playful, again and again she finds different ways to tantalize, but also to delight her slave. For example, she performs great bare-heel marching scenes on his genitals, she kicks and stomps his crotch hard and much much more.

You will love the scenes when the Goddess squeezes his nuts with her toes until his hard cock bends up and when she teases the top of his wet glans with the toes and with the soles of her other foot. The slave is getting crazy by this mixture of pain and pleasure and MANY TIMES HE IS CLOSE TO HIS ORGASM, but Alina savors her powerful feeling too much, to allow him to cum to fast.

The Mistress places her heel right in the middle of slave’s scrotum and lowers it until SHE ALMOST SQUASHES HIS BALLS OUT OF HIS SCROTUM AND BENDS UP HIS COCK AGAINST HER LEG. With that she has gone too far. Alina tries to remove her foot, but it’s too late. She has caused him a RUINED ORGASM. The slave must cum without being touched by the lovely feet of his Mistress.
But Alina want’s to feel his hard cock again on her feet, so she lovers her heel once more in his scrotum and with her other foot she rubs her slave’s cock. WITH HER TOES SHE PUMPS OUT ALL OF HIS CUM AND WETS HER SOLES AND HER TOES WITH HIS SPERM.

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 Windows Media
Duration :00:18:47

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