I’ve definitely had some fun with our two slaves and my partner, but there’s still a few surprises left!..
In this final act, we open to see Goddess Sydney playing on the piano, and not only Gisele and Zack still tied up, but Sloan as well! After they had their fun with the two slaves, Sydney managed to restrain her partner as well. You see, while the two slaves will fetch a pretty penny on the market, she knows that a well known Domme like Sloan would be considered a trophy and she just couldn’t help herself!
She explains all this to Sloan, who fights her new bonds and moans through her gag, but to no avail. Sydney did appreciate her having her as a partner, but their time is almost up and the slavers will be here in a matter of minutes. Sydney walks to each of her slaves and checks on them, then hears the doorbell ring.
You now put yourself in the scene as the slaver coming to claim his new toys. Goddess Sydney leads you in through the room, with the “goods” now on full display. She shows you just how well she’s had them all prepared for you and describes all their talents and services that they could provide for you. She’s nothing but completely callous talking about her slaves and former partner like they were nothing but shelf products.
You try to haggle her on price for Sloan when she tells you how much she wants, but she’s refuses to negotiate. After all, this IS a prized catch, wouldn’t you say? In the end you agree and decide to take them for full price and Sydney is delighted. Not only is she making more than she expected, she won’t even have to split the profits! She does feel a bit bad for Sloan, but that’s just the cost of doing business!

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