Ashley Alban – Christmas BJ

Are you ready for your special Christmas present? Ashley wants to put all the focus on making you feel good and making you cum. She takes off her robe revealing a sexy holiday lingerie. She is wearing nothing but a big red bow. She tells you that she is your present and she is ready for you. She says that she doesn’t give you enough blowjobs, so she wants to treat you to one. She tells you to just lie back and relax while she sucks you.
She pulls out your dick and kisses the tip. She begins to suck you, positioning herself so you can see her round ass behind her. She starts to shake it while she sucks your dick. She smiles. She tells you how much she loves your dick, especially when it’s in her mouth. Ashley starts off slowly but quickly can’t control her arousal. She begins to suck you faster and faster, taking every inch of you until she gags. You tell her that you are close to summing. She tells you to just go ahead and cum in her mouth. She wants to taste it. She sucks and stroke you until you explode in her mouth. She shows off the mouthful of cum before swallowing it all.

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Duration :00:11:34

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