Annabelle – Puss ‘n’ Boots Par Excellence!

Oh WOW, how I love to tease, and tease, and tease, giving my slave the most incredible honour of pleasuring me while his cock and swollen balls are bound in tight rope! The closer to my delectable pussy he gets, the more painful his balls become! WOW, his incredible determination to see it through as he uses his tongue on my sweet juicy clit is sensational. How I love to spread my thighs and watch him suffer while I take all the pleasure! Mmm . . . . I could spend hours like this!

The intensity builds and my clit spills! I love sitting on my man’s face, and watch him seduce my clit to a swollen tingling sensation, until finally I explode with an orbiting climax! Now that’s Puss ‘n’ Boots Par Excellence!

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