Annabelle — Nighthawk’s Watching!

Annabelle — Nighthawk’s Watching!

There is nothing quite like the build up to Halloween, and this year is no different!

The clock strikes midnight, and as expected Nighthawk calls precisely on time. I’m usually dressed in my exquisite leather attire, but on this occasion, I wanted to really spice things up! Red is my favourite colour, as for me it evokes a fiery and passionate persona. It’s HOT, daring, and zealous mixed with loving undertones!

His call comes in! «Hello you!»

My voice, husky, sultry. My smoky tone stimulates his muscle between his thighs! I lure him with my hypnotic English, articulating every word. I instruct him to look at my body. I want him to imagine he’s gliding his throbbing meat up and down my fox fur!

I tease his swollen balls!

My sumptuous lingerie, my stunning blaze of red from my killer stilettos, my figure hugging pencil suit, my gorgeous red leather gloves!

Oh WOW, this is one passionate, cock teasing performance!

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