Angel The Dreamgirl You Going Mad Off My Nyloned Legs

I found this short and not sure how or who it is, but it looked interesting.

It starts with this girl, Angel The Dreamgirl ? in her satin red top, sheen white nylons and not much else. Looking down at a plumber working he gets a bird’s eye view of her pussy as she stands over him.

Soon realising he has a foot fetish, she pushes a foot into his mouth where he starts to play with it. Still in his face, she is lying beside him now, his hard cock firmly in her hand as she talks filthy to him, all the while wanking his cock.
Rubbing it up and down her ass crack and always wanking it, it is no surprise when his cum starts oozing out of his cock and while still talking dirty, she lets it run over his cock head, over her fingers and down his cock.

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