Anal Training

For more than 20 years, Duncan in being ass-fucked, this backrooms and big cocks regular is gifted with a strongly sensitive anal sense which makes him often get some in the butt. At the KGB club, he gets fucked by Milah Snake, 25 years old, 5 of which spent rimming the whores’ asses and training sluts. Milah Snake? Wrestler shoulders, perfect measurements, extraordinary physical strenght, do not take it into your head to try to grab her ass, you would take a direct back and forth face-slap without any call! This is a notice to all of you suckers unable to control their hands… A huge loogie is dripping off Duncan’s face, after a mere 5 minutes in front of Milah he already guesses he will be severely punched! After taking a few dick-strokes on the nose, sucking and worshipping the 25 centimeters of the dildo, this Duncan little whore is ordered to slip the condom with his teeth while fingering is anus. “Give me your ass slut!”

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