This double feature is two previously unreleased Ballbusting clips that were both cut short due to catastrophic injury to the slave. In both cases the slave turned out to be ok in the long run, but we still had to cut the clip short so that we could sell it without breaking any site rules. Note that neither of these clips are ball kicking. They are mostly punching, which doesn’t look as dramatic on camera as a full force kick, but is actually much worse for the slave. My understanding is that it is indescribably painful it is to have your balls punched into a hard surface, and that is what happened to the slave in both of these clips. The first part is called, Scream into Our Asses while we Ballbust you, starring Christina and Khloe. They take turns like a see saw, one girl sitting on the slave’s face while the other punches and knees its balls. The slave is lying on the floor, so the impact doesn’t just swing his testicles back with no resistance, they are actually being repeatedly thrust up into his pelvic bone. Christina really enjoys smashing the slave’s testicles with her knee. She’s amazed at how they can get really get squished in this position. You can see a look of concern on Khloe’s face once the slave’s screams get really urgent, but Christina ignores the screams n keeps going. A year later, this video slave was trying to conceive with his new wife and found out he’s completely sterile. We all had a really good laugh over it and are pretty sure that this was the clip that did it. The damage is all internal, so u don’t see him open up like the slave in The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted but the effect was longer lasting and more devastating to the slave’s hopes n dreams. The second clip, Brutal Bound Cock Busting stars Amadahy. Amadahy is so sexy and sadistic in this clip. She ties a slave into a cock n ball stockade. Her goal for the day is to render the slave unable to ever have a healthy erection again. She takes her closed hand and pounds it over and over again into the slave’s balls. She repeatedly punches his cock into the hard wood board of the stockade. Then, she takes her boot and starts kicking the slave’s testicles into the board. Amadahy wants to reopen the scar tissue on the head of the penis that she made months ago. She had a lot of fun making that scar n wants to relive the memory. Amadahy kicks and punches the cock into the board until it breaks open. At this point I shut the camera off so that we could comply with regulatory standards of decency. The scene didn’t stop, though. I left to make a sandwich, but as I ate I could hear pleasure sounds coming from Amadahy and pain sounds from the slave. When I returned, Amadahy was all radiant smiles and the slave was as though it had been reduced to nothing but the sum of its fluids, which now all seemed to be pouring out of it. I laughed and she laughed. When we were finished laughing, Amadahy untied the slave and had it clean all of the red from its body and the equipment.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Brat Princess 2, Facesitting, Gloves, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Bondage, Young Mistress, Amadahy, Christina, Khloe, Ball Abuse, Balls Busting, Ballbusting, Brat Girls, Boots, Ballkicking, Ball Kicking

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