Ama Rio and Adara Jordin – The Submissive Pool Boy

Adara hasn’t had much luck with the pool boys she has hired in the past. She decides to hire another company to see how good of a job the new guy would do, only THIS TIME she already has something in store for him.Anticipating that he would be the same as the others that were hired in the past, unable to clean and serve poolside to her standards. Goddess Ama Rio was also going to be joining Adara poolside to make sure the new guy received what he deserved if the job wasn’t done correctly.Before the new pool boy arrived, Adara and Ama made sure to grab their strap-on cocks for that sissy fuck hole of his because, of course, just as Adara and Ama had presumed, he fucked up. The pool cleaning was by far one of the worst Adara has had to pay for by far. So without further ado, it was his time to pay, as Ama and Adara relentlessly take turns fucking his tight sissy asshole for wasting not only their time but Adara’s money on another worthless pool cleaning company. It’s a good thing he’s better at taking cock than he is at cleaning pools. Read More

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