Allie Heart – No Sex No Hands Only Feet

New Rule – Allie Heart: “Every time a client asks for my number, or tries to ferret their way into a personal relationship with myself, they have to be my footjob test dummy for the rest of the session. Worse, if they send the same message to multiple mistresses, they are relegated to ONLY FOOTJOBS for the next several sessions, and I will make sure each mistress they go to knows it. Of course, punishment for my subby boys only gets me more excited, so I’m going to take my time and have fun with their cock between my slippery feet. Don’t like it? Too bad, I want to see your face twist into confusion as you feel pleasure from my wonder feet and horror from your own perverse enjoyment of it. I dare you to not cum on my feet during your torment. You can’t hold back and you can’t stop me.”

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