Allie Heart – Allie’s Bi-Training Program

Bi-curious, or just so thoroughly addicted to fetish, that being chained up makes you a willing little puddle of “yes-please-more”? Inside the metal globe, my spaced-out toy is being made to listen to real bi sex scenes. All he can see is a hint of light through the seam of his newfound headgear, and the moans echo with his quiet little whimpers as I tease him just so through his chastity cage. This goes on, until finally I release his head, only to burn into his mind the image of virtual-reality bisexual men and women having their way with each other. All while I have my way with him, in the real world. Curious about your sexuality? Try my program.

File Size :1.37 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:32:08

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