MY SLAVE HD Femdom Videos – Cum Under My Leather Boots!

Today I feel like seeing a male tongue clean the soles of my shiny patent leather boots. I have been to so many parties with these on, it is about time they become squeaky clean. Like all male specimen this one needs training, guidance and absolute control. He is tied with tight straps around his body and his dick and balls confined in a tight metal and leather harness. I clip two chains to his mask and pull his face to my soles. I make him work that tongue on my soles while I stroke his hard dick. Servitude and humiliation will encompass his life as I squeeze his tight balls. Then I jam my boot right into his face even harder. He really struggles now to keep licking them. My specimen must constantly prove themselves otherwise their suffering will be prolonged into eternity.

Now I grab his lubed up cock that is kept hard by the tight metal cock ring cutting into his flesh. I use my leather gloves to stroke and tease it as the precum drools from his peehole. Then I step on his shaft with my boots squashing it beneath me. I tease and grab his balls, then I slide my leather fingers lightly over his sensitive glans. I pin him to the floor with my boots trapping his balls as I wank his dick harder and harder. Soon he cums shooting his load from his pressured balls. I grab his dick tightly blocking the cum in his dick, runing his orgasm until I finally it let it flow from his penis. I love shoe cleaning machines with benefits.

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Duration :00:12:19

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