Alexandra Snow – Company Loyalty

So your interview has gone well.
Your potential new boss has looked over your resume and asked all the questions,
and you’ve given most of the right answers… you think.
Then she asks you about your last employment.
There’s no record of a reference or why you left that job, so what was it ?
She sits back in her chair, waiting for a response and when you can’t give a sufficient one she speaks up.
She’s contacted your last employer and found out that you were fired
for sexual misconduct among your female coworkers.
Now, this woman definitely wants you for her company,
but she wants to make it clear that any harassment of her employees will be met with strict consequences.
She invites her male business partner to help finish conducting the interview and to your shock,
he stars unzipping his pants.
You soon find out that they’re very strict on harassment and they want to make sure that
you’ll never proposition any of her female employees.
If you do, you’ll be forced to suck every cock in the office, starting with this one.
Actually, you’re going to suck this one right now just to really drive home how serious this policy is.

Alexandra Snow calls for her slaveboy and gives him a handjob in her office.
In the end he jerks off in her cup.

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